klexta - empowering data, pioneering compliance


empowering data, pioneering compliance.

klexta is a powerful, reliable and intelligent aml compliance platform providing a complete solution for due diligence screening obligations against global sanctions, law enforcement lists, PEPs, adverse media and other watchlists.

klexta redefines AML compliance with a fusion of tradition and innovation, setting a new standard for trust, reliability, and user experience in regulatory data management.

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    Client Screening / CDD

    Streamline your client due diligence with klexta's advanced screening for accurate, efficient risk assessment.

    Transaction Monitoring

    Transaction Monitoring

    Ensure real-time oversight with klexta’s transaction monitoring for proactive crime prevention.

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    Transaction Screening

    Safeguard your transactions with klexta’s rigorous screening against global financial risks.

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    Sanction Screening

    Stay compliant with klexta’s sanction screening, navigating through international regulations with ease.

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    Adverse Media Screening

    Mitigate reputational risks with klexta’s adverse media screening, keeping your business secure.

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    PEP Screening

    Identify and manage high-risk relationships with klexta’s comprehensive PEP screening solution.

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    stay tuned for the compliance revolution !